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About us

Jianhua Water Treatment

WE are engaged in designing, manufacturing, installing and debugging in water treatment and purifying since the 1980’s. We have modern processing machine and stand bridge crane, spacious workshop and office and strong ranks of our scientific researchers.

we attach importance to quality as the base of survival and development.in 1999, we fully implement ISO9002:1994, in 2003 we passed ISO9001:2000, and got certification of the manufacturer of pure water production equipment.
Our products fall into three general categories, they are as follows:

I. Water supplying treatment system: filter, Reverse Osmosis water treatment system, ultrafiltration water treatment, Ion Exchanger System, they are used in power supply, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, light industry, pharmaceuticals industry, beverage industry…..

II. Wastewater draining system: underground sewage water treatment, settling tank, marine oil-water separator, dissolved air flotation equipment, water recycling system.

III. Circulating water system: FRP cooling tower, swimming pool circulating water treatment system, automatic filter, automatic river water purifying treatment system.

Ⅳ. PVC/PP Exhaust gas absorber: acid moisture absorber, waste gas activated carbon s absorber, Sprayer device

Insist on meticulous constructionsincere service, depend on advanced equipment,  strong technology, strict manage, we are providing high-quality service for all the customers in the domestic and foreign country.



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